Lefties lead smackdown over judge's "Hot House Flowers" book

Brooklyn criminal (early night) court judge John H. Wilson is the author of an allegory about illegal immigration and/or massive immigration entitled "Hot House Flowers". It's 24-pages, self-published, and only available from Amazon. This site isn't exactly a big fan of the book's overview, which is indeed a little creepy and which leftie illegal immigration supporters have already taken advantage of. In the book, said hot house flowers are edged out by invasive dandelions, until the owner of the hothouse decides to weed out the dandelions. Obviously, much, much better analogies to the current situation could be found.

The flaws in the book's premise have also allowed leftwing Gramscians/legal defender/illegal immigration supporting-type persons to now ask for an ethical review. The judge also apparently asked a member of his court's advisory ethics committee to review what he was doing, and was given the OK. He was promised a written opinion, which still has not been given.

Those quoted as trying to stir up trouble are Steven Banks, chief attorney for the Legal Aid Society and Lisa Schreibersdorf, executive director of Brooklyn Defender Services.


Reds at work doing the job of evil.

This sounds like an episode of the old Night Court comedy series, starring sometime magician Harry Anderson. Who's pulling up the dandelions in the book, God? Judge Wilson? The ICE? I guess I'd have to buy the book to find out.

This is another case of where illegal alien advocacy groups are trying to equate illegal immigration, prohibited by law, with immigration as defined under the Immigration and Naturalization Act. He's not a machine and like the rest of us, has the right to his thoughts on the subject of right and wrong, as long as they are consonant with the law. He would have been commended by the advocacy legal groups if his thoughts tended toward nullifying our immigration laws by putting road blocks to enforcement. The illegal alien lobby is way off base this time, and will come to regret it.