"The struggle for Indigenous sovereignty and immigrant rights"

Just for fun, let's check in with those who are just slightly to the left of the New York Times:
A multinational crowd packed the Boston Workers World office on Nov. 18 for a meeting on the struggle for Indigenous sovereignty and human rights. This important meeting was held at a crucial time, less than a week before the 37th National Day of Mourning in Plymouth [Thanksgiving] and only two weeks before the Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Day rally and march on Dec. 1.

The featured speaker was Mahtowin Munro, co-leader of United American Indians of New England (UAINE). Denouncing the racist vigilante Minutemen as well as the proposed wall of death along the border with Mexico, Mahtowin gave a detailed overview of the history of immigration in North America, starting with the first and only truly illegal immigrants—the Europeans who started their invasion in 1492...


most people don't care and most people don't want! to know what is happening most people will never stand up and say no, so in the end game most people will just become a third world person with nothing, so have fun in hell. mexico and other drug dealer state/nation is a tool of evil doers, and may God help you all. read jeebie.

And the American indians were illegal invaders before that. Look in the mirror first, Munro. You can go back to asia, if you feel so strongly about it. No one invited the future "american" indians to cross the bering land mass. Thank you, to all the honorable American Minutemen patriots! Viva the "wall of death" to the reconquistas!