Bill Richardson supports Elvira Arellano (illegal alien holed up in Chicago church)

New Mexico governor Bill Richardson seems to have misread the political mood a bit. He's throwing his weight behind Elvira Arellano, the illegal alien who twice entered the U.S. illegally, who was caught using a fake SSN in a job at an airport, and who's holed up in a Chicago church in defiance of an order to show up to be deported. This week he sent a letter to Bush urging that he parole her and let her stay in the U.S.:
The governor said in his letter that the case of the Arellano family illustrates the problems of the federal government not acting on a comprehensive immigration plan.

The governor told the president that permitting the family to remain in the United States, will allow the boy to "continue to be raised as the great American he has already proven to be."
I don't want to call a seven-year-old un-American, but I guess that's part of the problem, isn't it? Arellano and her activist friends are shamelessly using him as a prop and a poster boy. So, let's just say that going to Mexico and asking them to support an attempt to stay in the U.S. is not a "great American" thing to do. In fact, it's about as contrary to the best interests of the U.S. as one could do in this case.

Arellano has shown that she has no respect for our immigration laws, and, in a certain way it would be a good thing if Richardson does try to run for president. He's shown that he's willing to put his race and his support for illegal immigration ahead of what's in the U.S.'s best interests. A campaign can be started to irreparably tie him to support for criminality and a complete lack of respect for our laws and sovereignty.

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some-day you may under how the reds work and she is doing evil and the work of the mexico city drug dealers and so is her so called son, buy guns. and new article its not about living its about the death of this nation for the ideals of evil doers like this woman and her kid, see it for what it is, total evil.

While his letter is stupider in a syrupy emotional sort of way than one someone else might write, the basic sympathy he feels for the kid, and probably for the mother too, is understandable. But it is easily countered: We don't have just the small problem of a relatively few illegals for whom we easily could, and probably should, make exceptions; instead we have a huge problem with millions of illegals, with more coming all the time. And granting reprieves, as in this case, will only encourage even more to come. Besides, no one is denying them what they basically seek: a good life, prosperity, etc. They are free to gain of that all that they are able, but back in Mexico. What's the problem with that? Is living in the US, for anyone who may want to, some sort of human right, not to be denied?

BTW, the new article by Heather MacDonald is perhaps relevant to this case as well.