Shakeup: Washington Post restructures, will use "journalaros"

washington post hires day laborers to write their news stories
"Journaleros! Journaleros!" a Washington Post recruiter
looks for day laborer journalists.

Washington Post executive editor Len Downie has announced a major shake-up at his paper. Many reportarial positions are being eliminated and many changes are planned:

"We are moving reporters and editors within and among staffs to accomplish this. In particular, we are moving a number of reporters from general assignment positions to more specific assignments and beats. We also are centralizing reporting and editing of some core subjects across staff lines....

He further announced that the WaPo will begin employing "journaleros", the Spanish word for "day laborer journalists". Each day, recruiting teams from the Washington Post will fan out to journalero hangouts in front of 7-11s throughout the NoVa "boom 'burbs", recruiting immigrant workers to write stories for the paper. They'll be paid in cash, and in 2007 the WaPo plans to build dormitories for the more prolific writers. "No one will notice the difference in the slightest" Downie says.