"Mexico's Calderon Heartened By Outcome of U.S. Elections"

Mexico president-elect Felipe Calderon met with reporters and editors from the Washington Post yesterday. No word is given on whether he gave them talking points, and the article contents don't entirely live up to the headline. The only thing that comes close is the first paragraph:

Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon said yesterday that Democratic gains in Congress could lead to "room for improvement" in U.S.-Mexican relations, a suggestion that headway may be made on immigration and other bilateral issues.


Vicente Fox welcomes Democratic control of Congress

Terrorists, Enemies of America Applaud Election


The president fails to defend our borders, fails to defend our national dignity by remaining silent while accepting abuse from Mexico, fails to tell Mexico that it must make economic reforms to do its part and accepts the entire burden of illegal for the U.S. citizen to bear. Maybe Calderon would assent to become our president and Bush would take his place. We'd probably make out better with someone with testicles