Rush Limbaugh turns back on Bush

On his program today, Rush Limbaugh announced that he "feels a little liberated" and he supposedly said that he won't have to "carry the water for people who don't deserve it" There's an audio clip of another part here, and this is the transcript of that:

"At some point you have to say, 'I'm not them...', and I can't assume the responsibility for their success... it isn't my job to make them succeed... it isn't my job to make elected Republicans look good if they can't do it themselves... it's not my job to make them understandable and understood if they can't do it themselves... not in perpetuity... not ad infinitum... so all I can tell you is I feel a little liberated... and I think this is all going to result in a lot of cleansing in a number of areas... areas I will explain as they pop up and happen..."

UPDATE: Limbaugh's full remarks are here. While I agree with him that Bush's press conference remarks on immigration "reform" were "passionate", I also wonder why Bush had to be reminded to speak about it rather than bringing it up himself.


Rush has been pretty tepid on the immigration issue, but he's at least stuck his neck out a little bit on the topic over the past several months. Maybe yesterday's implosion will make him a helpful ally.

Mia culp, mia culpa. What's he really saying here, that he's just been an unscrupulous mouthpiece for the Republicans? I predict that Limbaugh will disappear as a talk host. His time, like the predatory Delays and company, has passed. I hope that when the Republican party comes back, it returns as a representative of the people, not big business.