Loretta Sanchez, American icon

loretta sanchez icon che

There was an anti-Loretta Sanchez/pro-Tan Nguyen rally in Orange County yesterday, and the pictures are here. I don't necessarily agree with the racism charge, but she certainly is an ethnic demagogue.

What you'll notice in one of those pictures is the very large portrait of Sanchez-Brixey on the wall of her campaign office. For your convenience, I've brightened the image above. And, for fun, I added another poster to their wall to the extent that my Gimp abilities allow.

But, seriously, what is that doing on the wall of her office? Is there any other (U.S.) candidate who likewise feels the need to raise themselves to the Kim Jong Il/Saddam/Stalin level?


you the gringos stole our territory and support worst dictators than saddam in latin america, and also exterminate the native americans with more efficience than the nazis did with the jews. and you call us racist wow another classic and hipocric gringo. But no one will deal with us, but by now the arabs are dealing with the rednecks and soon china i'll do it too. It's time to pay, you are every day closer to your adrianapolis, the empire lives his last days. Without the mexican americans is the only people that made usa resist in irak without those soldiers you surely were defeated. with 300 millions hab you dont even have enough soldiers to guard a smaller country. You need inmigrant soldiers to fight for you because you are just a bunch of cowards and hedonist.

...straight to bigotry.

Where would the "bigotry" be, exactly?

"in some ways i wish hitler would come back and deal with the little brown brothers"

Good God! That is the ideals [sic] of American people.

No it's not. Just because someone says that on the internet does not mean that all Americans think alike.

come on people che is in the heart of this rat, the people she loves so much love the ideals of castor and hitler both are loved in mexico and the third world, don't ask me why, but when i was in mexico about 20 years ago, some old guy told me that hitler was a great guy he killed people who hated god?, "Good God", that is the ideals of the third worlds people, in some ways i wish hitler would come back and deal with the little brown brothers, 88 sanchez someday people like you will have what you really want the death of millions of non hispanics, just like hitler wanted the death of jews and others.

But on the other hand someday some guy like Hitler may come back and do the la raza( THE RACE ) people once and for all, if you know what i mean, listen to michael savage.

Brilliant!! Embellishing your otherwise valid point with a Che Guevara insert goes over the top and straight to bigotry. When are you going to paint Sanchez' face black?? IOKIYAR??


I was in a restaurant, and there was a large painting of the proprietor hanging on the wall. Someone had painted the picture of her, and to show her appreciation she hung it on the wall.