Rights for All People, the patriotic "immigrant" rights group

From this:
A coalition of immigrant-rights groups gathered on the steps of the [Denver] state Capitol on Thursday to protest negative immigration messages in the campaign season.

"The elections have been demonizing illegal immigrants. We need a change in the way we handle the immigration issues in the state," said Lisa Duran of Rights for All People.

The group, joined by about a dozen supporters, also criticized as "unjust and inhumane" bills passed during the state legislature's special session.

..."The country can't win across the pond, so they have to stay here and try to win a war against defenseless people," [supporter Richard Moreno] said.
It also quotes local restauranteur Mike Miller, who's quoted as saying that "his business would not survive without immigrant labor". He appears to be the owner of Basil Doc's Pizza (basildocspizzeria.com). Rather than, for instance, ordering a delivery under the name "I.P. Freely", I'd suggest just finding another pizzeria.


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