Did President Bush undermine our troops and our war effort? (Kerry Iraq comment)

Returning to the subject of John Kerry's Iraq comment, have President Bush and various GOP partisans undermined our troops and our war effort?

One of the arguments against the negative interpretation of Kerry's comment is that that comment gives comfort to al Qaeda, the Iraqi insurgents, and others. Those enemy forces can say something like, "even the U.S. Democrats don't support their troops and think they're dumb."

Haven't president George Bush and his proxies increased the likelihood that enemy forces will use such a formulation in their propaganda?

On the other hand, let's say that - even if they didn't buy Kerry's explanation - George Bush and his proxies had not commented at all or had played along with Kerry's explanation.

Wouldn't that greatly reduce the chances of Kerry's comment being used in enemy propaganda? In that case, it would be only the other side that would have tried to put Kerry's remarks in the worst light possible, and that would be counteracted by everyone else who put them in the best light possible.

Instead, of course, Bush and his proxies have tried to milk Kerry's comment for the most political gain possible, and in so doing have handed the other side yet another instance of propaganda they can use.



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Go Army! long live the U.S. Army! the best troops on the earth! the Army will always help our poor brothers in the USMC.( :-)

yeah sure it's Bush's fault that Kerry hates the military and for your next bit of tripe? Why don't you just stick to illegal immigration and stay off the election stage.