Why pro-borders candidates must win

There are several pro-borders candidates - all that I know of Republicans - up for election on Tuesday, and I encourage everyone to do everything they can to see that they win.

Those candidates include Randy Graf, J.D. Hayworth, and Russell Pearce in Arizona, John Hostettler in Indiana, Peter King in New York, and Tom Tancredo in Colorado.

If they lose, not only will there be a legislative impact and an increased chance of Bush and the Democrats passing amnesty, but - perhaps even worse - it will hand the other side a massive propaganda victory.

There have already been several articles from pro-illegal immigration sources claiming that running on "enforcement only" is a losing issue, and if those candidates lose expect that to increase.

One recent example is from Carolyn Lochhead entitled "In Arizona, GOP finds the issue of immigration no help at polls":
...Getting tough on illegal immigration is a winner in Arizona. Yet the issue is not playing out as House Republican leaders planned six months ago, when they bet their majority that a hard-line, no-compromise stance would rescue them in a brutal election climate dominated by the Iraq war and corruption.

With Tuesday's election days away, in districts where illegal immigration is Topic A, Republican hardliners are the candidates in trouble here. As many as three GOP House seats are in jeopardy, including that of six-term incumbent J.D. Hayworth, whose race has slid from shoo-in to toss-up...


let the system come apart and have some fun when it happens. its pointless to fight fools with words.

I think I noted before one possible literal meaning of Lochhead.