Tan Nguyen: the Manchurian candidate?

BoiFromTroy raises the possibility (at the site run by Chris Nolan) that Tan Nguyen is a Democratic plant designed to increase their GOTV effort:

I say that Nguyen's letter was either the stupidest or the most nefarious political act this year because part of me wonders whether he's some sort of "Manchurian Candidate" planted by Democrats to pull this October stunt - and have it dragged out by the media going into the election. (Of couse, that's Cold War thinking - Vietnam, where Nguyen was born isn't the same as China for all kinds of reasons.)

OK, now that he's gone first, I'll admit that while I had thought of similar things before, I hadn't given them much weight because there's still the possibility that he might be charged or sued. And, it's going to be difficult for him to run again as either an R or a D.

However, what I have considered is that the shadowy office manager or the shadowy LAPD officer involved in the letter might have been plants. And, since illegal immigration is a multi-billion dollar industry, it's not just the Democratic Party that would profit from a possible attempt to smear the CCIR or those opposed to illegal immigration in general. All the facts aren't available yet, and there's no guarantee at all that CA AG Bill Lockyer - a Democrat - will perform a full investigation and look at all possibilities.

Bonus: La Opinion (Spanish-language rag in Los Angeles) misquoted part of the letter, trying to make it look worse than it was. Wrap these lines to read the details:

The publisher of La Opinion, Monica Lozano, has links to MALDEF and the National Council of La Raza ("The Race").

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I seem to recall that Nguyen ran as a Dem against Dana Rohrbacher in the last election cycle, so I'm liking the plant theory.

And the Dems in OC are so pathetically disorganized they could never pull off a Manchurian candidate

Who said it was the OC Dems? Maybe it was the world-embracing, many-tentacled organization of George Soros.

Nguyen is apparently a wealthy wannabe, and the GOP doesn't have anybody that can beat Sanchez, so he is running.

And the Dems in OC are so pathetically disorganized they could never pull off a Manchurian candidate. Maybe a disgruntled or Democrat-sympathizer staffer could have pulled it off, but not the party. We still haven't determined who the actual writer was, so time will tell.

I say that Nguyen's letter was either the stupidest or the most nefarious political act this year

It might have been a brilliant political move ; Nguyen was a complete unknown before this. Nefarious? What's nefarious about telling people to obey the law? If he is prosecuted he has a chance to make himself a major political figure by going on the offensive against the forces of PC-Cultural Stalinism that dominate public discourse and cause the political eunuchs and corporate toadies of the Regime to unleash the hyenas of the state security organs on those who oppose its agenda.
Predictably enough, the Austrian girly-man's reaction to this "scandal" was indistinguishable from what would be expected from a member of ANSWER or the Revolutionary Communist Party. The whole episode is a prime example of what the late Sam Francis called "anarcho-tyranny".

I say that Nguyen's letter was either the stupidest...

From what I know so far, this gets my vote. Although you never know...Where did Nguyen get his money, anyway?

Regarding 'misquoting' the letter, some of the worst examples of the near hysteria about it can be heard on many semi-hourly radio newscasts, where I regularly hear the letter called "racist" etc.

listen to savage nation he has part of the real world inside our so called government and part of the real truth, sad world 2006, and may God help you all.

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