More on the NCLR-linked racial separatist charter school (LAUSD)

Judicial Watch has obtained some documents shedding more light on the "Academia Semillas del Pueblo" (a charter school approved and funded by the Los Angeles Unified School District) and their anti-American agenda.

The more damning aspects are in the PDF file, including an interview with KABC's Doug McIntyre. Despite having a clearly anti-American agenda they were approved by the LAUSD.

And, they've also received funding from the National Council of La Raza (aka National Council of The Race).


MAY as well call it what it is, the council of Race hate and the real Agenda is to make a City State, if you don't understand what a city state is, it can be called a little Nation State, the boys in la raza are working over time on making a new and evil system and schools are only the start.

The Anti American Agenda in a agenda of evil doers and drug dealers right from Mexico City. and some are working with guys like Bin Laden.

By the way all U.S. So-called political leaders will only help in the evil ideals that are now coming out of that so called council of race!

buy guns you will need some in the coming years of mass death that is planed for you and your families by mexico city and bin laden, "population is a weapon and its called WMD". MAY GOD HELP YOU ALL.