NYT: Border fence to be built, jaguars hardest hit

The New York Times has an interesting piece in their Science section on jaguars returning ("Gone for Decades, Jaguars Steal Back to the Southwest"). It's similar to a 2005 Smithsonian article ("Return of the Jaguar?"). However, as with, oh just as an example, Communist regimes, contemporary threads designed to enlighten and inform are woven into the NYT's article:
...And then there is the fence. If the Border Patrol builds a 700-mile barrier in the region to deter illegal immigration, the natural corridors used by jaguars and other migratory wildlife will be cut off...

...An environmental group based in Tucson, however, the Center for Biological Diversity, does not think enough is being done to protect the jaguar. When the United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced in July that it would not declare parts of New Mexico and Arizona critical habitat for jaguars โ€” arguing that the animals do not breed there โ€” the group filed an intent to sue. The matter rests in federal court.

Of course, if the Border Patrol built an effective barrier in the mountains where jaguars cross into the United States, "it'd be all over," said Jon Schwedler of the Northern Jaguar Project. "You could kiss the jaguar goodbye."
While the CBD isn't quoted in the article as specifically opposed to the fence, they were featured in an article called "Experts say border fence would hurt bighorn sheep".

Between the jaguars and the bighorn sheep, "liberals" have all the lawsuit fodder they need to keep the cheap labor flowing for years.


Trying to protcct Jaguars in the SW US is an exercise in futility as long as there ranchers in the vicinty. Even the presence of a small number of wolves makes them apoplectic.

What happened to the hawks and hummingbirds that would be stopped by a 12 foot fence? Guess they figured out how stupid that claim was. Any jaguar that crosses the border withour a passport should be shot anyway. This must be the same group of animal lovers that burn down a lab and kill hundreds of 'animals', or those that hold their monthly meeting at a steak house.

The fence is one more lie, to keep you thinking you have a real government, the facts are in front of you but yet you will not see. the only thing i will donate is my guns and will to keep my nation free and under laws that mean something.

Remember: donate and support the organization which is helping immigrants cross our border...


Of couse, the tons of human garbage left at the border oesn't affect the jaguars or bighorn sheep, right?