New film claims Cardinal Roger Mahoney assisted pedophile priest

From this:
...[A] former priest, who lives in Ireland, said he was able to continue abusing children in part because of actions by Cardinal Mahony, who now heads the country's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, here in Los Angeles, and is among the church’s most influential American leaders. Mr. O'Grady says in the film that as bishop in Stockton, the cardinal moved him from parish to parish in the face of abuse accusations.

"The film does certainly charge the atmosphere here in Los Angeles," said William Hodgman, the top deputy of the target crimes division of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, who coordinated prosecutions of priests in Los Angeles.

The film also "will fuel ongoing consideration as to whether Cardinal Mahony and others engaged in criminal activity," Mr. Hodgman added...
Read the rest for all the claims and counter-claims.

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Regarding Mahoney's other mission of encouraging illegal immigration, see among others:

"Seeking Biblical Principles to Inform Immigration Policy"

Should Cardinal Roger Mahony cost the Catholic Church tax-exempt status?


Good God.

If true it's more proof that he's a good Christian and just wants to help people: illegal immigrants, pedophile priests, etc.

old story, what is he doing now? helping congress to find young boys? or has he gone into selling boys to our leaders? maybe he will get into the global enslavement deal with others? like bin laden and castor and john murtha? and bill and hill and bush and dad, and the list is endless but the ropes are waiting and the tree's will always be around.

Another challenge to the credibility of the Roman Catholic church purporting to be the shepherd of the Christian flock. Is the Church a predatory wolf? If not, the Vatican should purge itself of Mahony as quickly as possible. This issue is going to get nasty, very soon.