NoCal religious leaders oppose immigration arrests; will they stop after "reform"?

Our old friend Tyche Hendricks offers "Church leaders speak out against immigration sweeps/Arrests, deportations in Santa Cruz area part of national drive":
The religious leaders who spoke out Wednesday acknowledged that the government has a right to enforce immigration law. But they said enforcement can tear apart families in which some members are illegal and others are U.S. citizens.
One can easily imagine these same far-left leaders saying the same things after the "comprehensive reform" they favor has passed. If they wanted to be honest, they'd just come right out and say what they really support: either open borders or very porous borders.

Needless to say, Hendricks doesn't question them on that bit, she just transcribes their comments.

The press conference was held at the Resurrection Catholic Community Church in Aptos and those appearing included Roman Catholic Bishop Sylvester Ryan and an immigration attorney from San Francisco, Stacy Tolchin.

The last objected to the "malicious" procedures involved, but I have a feeling that's not her only objection: she's not only an AILA member, she's a "board member of the National Lawyers Guild for the San Francisco Bay Area" (link). She's also on the board of the International Institute of San Francisco, where she used to work as their "Citizenship Project Coordinator" (link). Oddly enough: the first link is to a previous Tyche Hendricks article which quoted Anita Sinha of the International Institute of the East Bay.

And, as discussed in the article, there are several hundreds of thousands of fugitive aliens and just 45 teams of agents assigned to pick them up, with just three of those in northern California. The far-lefties should be grateful.

The article does, however, include this:
Michael Cutler, a former immigration agent in New York now associated with the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank in Florida that supports tighter restrictions on immigration, said a better name for the current effort would be "Operation Backrub."

"The administration has administered warm milk and a backrub to the American people to inspire a false sense of confidence," he said. "The president has an agenda, which appears to be open up the border between the U.S. and Mexico and the U.S. and Canada. ... He's been doing this to be able to sell his package."


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