Americans relax: "Immigration no threat to English use in U.S."

Reuters tells the Americans they can relax:
U.S. citizens concerned that Latino immigrants will have them singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" in Spanish can rest easy, according to an academic study published on Wednesday.

A report in the Population and Development Review found that far from threatening the dominance of English, most Latin American immigrants to the United States lose their ability to speak Spanish over the course of a few generations...
First of all, one of the co-authors of the "academic study" is Douglas Massey:
CATO author Douglas Massey's report also contends Americans should abandon traditional national sovereignty as a sacrifice to libertarian principles of "free trade", including trafficking in cheap labor. Massey says the United States should "abandon its illusions" and "accept the reality, the necessity, of North American integration."
So, it appears he has an agenda. Oddly enough, excerpts here say that he's given money to "Independent" (i.e., socialist) Bernie Sanders of Vermont. His co-author Ruben Rumbaut has apprently given to John Kerry, and the other co-author, Frank Bean, has given to the DNC.

In any case, whether the study is accurate or not, it only reports on what supposedly happened in the past (and of necessity in a limited sample size). So, even if Hispanic immigrants have lost their native language in the past, that doesn't mean that they'll do it in the future.

Especially since various corrupt forces are working to entrench bilingualism through things such as ballots, "ethno-grifters", city workers, media, news agencies, and so on.

The future probably isn't going to be like the limited-sample-size past, especially when that past is described by someone who opposes the national sovereignty of the U.S.


A "1st generation" immigrant in 1950 would have of course learned English quickly. There was no way to get by not learning English then. And consequently, the children and grandchildren of such an immigrant would have grown up learning to speak English. But now, a "1st generation" immigrant could pretty easily get by in many parts of the U.S. speaking only Spanish, and that immigrant's children and grandchildren may well never become fluent in English.

The U.S. today is not like it was in the 1950s, let alone the 1990s, and tomorrow's 2nd and 3rd generation won't need to learn English like their earlier counterparts did. Remember that LA Times article about the illegal couple with 10 kids who had been in the country for 25 years and still couldn't speak English? The couple that had two American-born teenaged daughters who spoke fluent Spanish but knew minimal English? That kind of thing didn't happen 50 years ago, and the authors of this phony study neglected to mention that fact.

so what this ass is saying is we the people have no rights and the system wants the ideals of mexico and the life of the third worlds people for the population here.
the guy wants free trade ok in slavery for the mass of the people who are now nothing but sheeple, isn't that what hitler wanted? and to accept the reality means to accept total enslavement, that after all is the one world end game for you and your kids.

isn't it best to go down fighting like free people or put up some kind of fight for the ideals of freedom and duty and laws? do not abandon the ideals of 1776, hell will only follow.

A legislator is trying to reintroduce bilingual education through this CA bill .

...the necessity, of North American integration."

The supposed "necessity" is never actually demonstrated empirically. I guess it is supposed to be so obvious that only an idiot -- or a racist -- would doubt the "necessity" of it.