James Webb staffers to hold "Monkey Fest" at GOP "Ethnic Rally"

The Virginia GOP is holding an "Ethnic Rally" (the real name of the event) on Saturday, September 9 in Alexandria; George Allen will be making an appearance.

Now, just for this post, let's avoid discussing why the GOP would celebrate ethnicities rather than, say, trying to be different from the Gramscians Democrats and emphasizing, say, commonalities.

Instead, let's take a look at what the Democrats in the James Webb campaign are planning to conduct at the GOP's rally: a "Monkey Fest":
So the Webb staffers have decided to set up a counter-event to a Republican ethnic rally, after accusing them of racism .... and the geniuses involved decide to dress up like monkeys in protest? At an event that will draw people celebrating varying ethnic backgrounds, including people of color?

This sounds like a cute joke gone very bad...
Of course, they can get away with it since they have moral authority. Plus, doctor/clown Patch Adams will be there.