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"Immigration activists try different approach"

News 8 Austin reports on a new tack taken by illegal immigration activists; this tack is as much based in logic as the current tack:
More than 200 immigrant rights activists gathered at the Texas Capitol Thursday for a different kind of rally. Instead of protesting immigration laws, they honored people they say are victims of immigration laws...

"We wanted to bring it back to the actual people, to being human, to say that no human is illegal. We all have a right to be here. We're supporting all immigrants," said activist Silky Shah...

..."There were three people crossing the border in Arizona, and because of Arizona and the situation there and the heat, two of the people died and one of the people had blisters all over his feet," Shah said...
That's certainly a tragic incident, but shouldn't we hold Mexicans to the same standards of personal responsibility as we'd hold Silky and other Americans? Would Silky try to cross the desert in summer?

There are only two ways to prevent people from trying to illegally cross into the U.S.: either completely open the border, or make people realize that crossing won't work because they won't be able to find jobs or social services here. And, unless Silky is completely delusional, she must realize that we're never going to have a completely open border.

In fact, those who try to "help" illegal aliens by making it easier for them to get jobs and social services are actually encouraging people to cross the border. Perhaps Silky should think about this issue in a bit more depth.

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