Evan Lehmann of Lowell Sun: which Washington DC march did you attend?

Evan Lehmann of the Lowell Sun offers "Mass. immigrants join 200,000 in massive march to White House":
Hundreds of Massachusetts immigrants undertook an all-night bus trip to Washington to participate in a massive rally yesterday with a united message to Congress and the president: Hurry up!

About 350 Bay State immigrants joined nearly 200,000 people in a march to the White House designed to urge President Bush to break an impasse in Congress that's threatening to derail a major plan to overhaul the nation's immigration policy...

...Millions of immigrants across the country this summer have voiced support for a proposal by Senators Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz., that would legalize most of the undocumented immigrants in the United States, while also giving them a chance to earn citizenship.

It's estimated that up to 200,000 people in Massachusetts are undocumented.

About 100 Massachusetts residents chanted Kennedy's name when he met them on the steps of his Senate office building yesterday. Flashing two thumbs up, he strode into the surging crowd for pictures...
I'm vaguely reminded of this. The WaPo says there were less than 5000 at the rally; the WashTimes says "about 10,000"; a PIIPP from Audrey Dutton of Newsday says "about 10,000"; the organizers say 100,000 but a cop says there would have only been 30,000 if the Mall had been packed and it wasn't. It's probably just an honest mistake!



bin laden has the best friend in the world, its called the third worlds people and this is what will march on the so called white house but in the end game the rats will march for your death.

by the way Kennedy is the enemy and a friend of bin laden, oh yes? is mexico now saying that masschusetts is part of its homeland? note the little m.