"Nashville wants enforcement duties for immigration laws"

Let's see if we can spot their first mistake:
Local authorities are asking the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to make Nashville one of only a handful of local governments allowed to identify and detain illegal immigrants who are arrested for alleged criminal activity.

In an Aug. 15 letter to ICE Assistant Secretary Julie Myers, Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall asks to participate in a program that would enable sheriff's deputies to enforce federal immigration laws...
Despite the fact that local police can become involved in enforcing immigration laws, and despite the fact that DHS has an actual program to train police officers for that task that's only around $500 per cop for a five week's of training, expect this to be delayed as long as possible unless some political advantage can be obtained from not delaying it.

"Feds admit failure to stop illegal hiring"


George you must not know of the two border patrol guys who shot a drug dealer on our borders and now may get 20 years in prison for following the law, most cops will never do anything that may make the mexican government mad. sillie lizzie is living in the real world and george thinks this is 1960.

Trouble is, so many of the big cities are passing "sanctuary" ordinances that PROHIBIT their local law enforcement from doing so. In my mind, that is actually DEFYING federal law.

Slowly, but surely local governments are taking action, contrary to the willful negligence of the feds. However, the local police should be turning over every illegal immigrant they encounter, including misdemeanor violators discovered during traffic violations and at accidents. I suggest you readers give your opinion on this matter to Henryk Kowalczyk at http://www.henrykkowalczyk.com/kc_002.htm. He's also interested in your views on this subject.