Hazleton: Dr. Agapito Lopez implies God would approve of illegal immigration

On Sunday Latinos and others protested in Hazleton against that city's illegal immigration ordinance. In the past, various supporters of illegal immigration have played the Bible card, but a quote from local organizer Dr. Agapito Lopez takes today's cake:
"Any law that opposes the law of God is not a law that should be obeyed, even though it may lead to incarceration."
Since the Hazleton ordinance only tries to reduce illegal immigrants settling in their city and doesn't, for instance, suggest flogging them or anything, one has to assume that Lopez thinks that the Bible would approve of massive illegal immigration.

In fact:
A prayer vigil emphasizing the Bible's call to "welcome the stranger" followed, with readings and speeches by a local pastor, rabbi and priest and the Rev. Miguel Rivera, leader of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders.

"It's an honor and blessing to work with all the Latinos in Hazleton," said the Rev. John Ruth, a priest who ministers to Spanish speakers at St. Gabriel's Church. "We are all sons and daughters of God."

"When a stranger resides with you in your land, you should not oppress the stranger," said Rabbi Michael Michlin, quoting a passage from Leviticus. "You should love the stranger as yourself."

Demonstrators, at least half of whom came from Philadelphia and Allentown, carried signs that read, "Love thy Neighbor" and "We are Called to Welcome the Stranger."
If their argument holds any water, then no nation on Earth can morally enforce its immigration laws, right? Since there are five billion people on Earth poorer than Mexicans, shouldn't they be allowed to move anywhere they want, no matter the objections of the countries they move to? (Hey! Maybe all of Bangladesh could move to Mexico, since they're much poorer than Mexicans).

Now, obviously, their argument is quite silly, and in fact they're selectively quoting the Bible in order to support their far-left arguments.

Note that Philly reporter Gaiutra Bahadur, in addition to simply acting as a transcriptionist for the far-lefties, fails to describe the exact nature of the protesters. For an example, see this: phillyjwj.org/hazleton.html

Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission seems a little biased

UPDATE: Here's more on the religious aspect. If some recognized religious scholar would point out exactly how Mahony et al are wrong with their selective reading of the Bible, that would go a long way towards discrediting those who support illegal immigration.

UPDATE 2: Here's an opinion piece on the quotes above.


Mary & Joseph were in Bethlehem for the census, illegals don't usually show up for the census.

Some Christians have sold Americans out on illegal immigration probably not for altruistic or charitable reasons but more likely GREED and power.

Bush is a classic example, another group Christian broadcasters Salem Communications bankrolled a family member William McBride (child of Mexican & Dominican immigrants & immigration attorney) to run against Katherine Harris for FL Senate.

He even had the gall to claim he was against illegal immigration while receiving the "Hispanic Chamber of Commerce" endorsement.


see Atsinger & Epperson

Yahoo profile for Salem Communications: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=SALM

"The company provides programs targeted at audiences interested in Christian and family-themed radio programming. Its programs include Christian teaching and talk, contemporary Christian music, and conservative news talk"

*what a load of crap*

Since when is Mexican criminal invasion and the whores & drugs & low wages & divorce that come with it a family value?

Ask how many illegal's live in mexico? what this rat wants is power inside the USA For drug money reasons. read D.Flincum ,

"Demonstrators, at least half of whom came from Philadelphia and Allentown...."

Ah, yes. A Herndon resident informed me that nearly none of the big supporters of the Herndon Day Laborer Site actually lived in Herndon itself. The mayor and city council listened to them instead of the local citizens and were promptly voted out of office.