Trend: pretend California voters support driver's licenses for illegal aliens

The article "Voters back governor, poll shows" from Steve Geissinger of the "Medianews Sacramento Bureau" contains the following:
Immigration issues, which concern voters most, also may cost Schwarzenegger with his opposition to driver's licenses for illegal immigrants and dispatching of troops to the Mexican border.

Latino voters favored Angelides over the governor 39 percent to 25 percent in the poll.
Those two paragraphs should have probably been tied together in order to make it clearer that about the only group that might oppose the less wimpy version of Arnold's immigration stance are Hispanics who support illegal immigration. As even "One Bill Gil" Cedillo admits, 70% of California voters oppose driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

This is not as misleading as the other recent article from the Los Angeles Times' Jordan Rau. Nevertheless, I'm going to call this part of a new trend.

Another, funnier part of the article was discussed here.



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hey so what? "we have a pretend government inside this state and inside washington",
so did you know that many of the mexicans inside our state government are helping Lopez Obrador? many love his ideals; did you know that fact? do you know what is happening right now inside mexico? hell boys we are run by Aliens and the drug money has made many rich inside our so called government, so what's new?