Phil Angelides to be barbecued by voters

A Public Policy Institute of California poll finds that Arnold Schwarzenegger leads the only-slightly-worse challenger Phil Angelides by 45 to 32 percent. Informed of the results, Angelides said the following:

"Arnold Schwarzenegger is known by 100 percent of the world... Despite all his attacks, despite $20 million spent against me, distorting the truth, trying to smear me, Arnold Schwarzenegger is stuck at 45 percent... [...asked why even Democrats are switching to Arnold, he said:] You know, it's summertime, people are barbecuing, they're spending time with their families, and the fact is, Democrats are coming home, they're going to come home."


both arnold and angelides report to mexico city, ask which one will be picked by the head drug dealer? in side Mexico City and Washington D.C.

Both hate our freedoms.