MRC: "How TV Promotes Illegal Immigration"

Via this comes the Media Research Center's "Election in the Streets". From the summary here:

[It] demonstrates that ABC, CBS, and NBC behaved like protester publicists in late March, April, and May, in complete contradiction to public opinion polls showing America had a serious problem with the tide of illegal immigration. Gooey stories about illegal aliens "emerging from the shadows" to fight for their "rights" piled up the soundbites for amnesty, and the protest organizers somehow evaded ever being described as liberals or leftists, despite talking about the "fascist clauses" in the Sensenbrenner bill. Check it out before the next round of protests heats up next weekend...


NBC in Los Angeles is also showing an interview with a rep of the NO Catholic Archdiocese, promoting and excusing and pitying all the "immigrant workers" who have come in to rebuild New Orleans, much to the dismay of the natives who have lost their jobs to cheaper labor. The I word (illegal) of course is never mentioned.