"A Progressive and Populist Position on Illegal Immigration"

Democratic visitors might want to take a look at this article. For instance this bit:

...The other problem with Democrats, liberals and progressives is their willingness to put the welfare of illegal immigrants above the rights and needs of current and future American citizens. I am nauseated by the stupidity and lack of patriotism by these peoples' willingness to sacrifice the prosperity of working- and middle-class Americans – their fellow citizens. George Lakoff has remarkable standing and credentials as a progressive thinker. Yet his recent writings on this immigration issue reveal total disregard for his fellow American CITIZENS...


You know it's bad when even the left starts to notice that ruling circles appear to have become incapable of putting America first.
It portends a great slapping-down of those who are in charge today, that they cannot see or feel the minimum requirement of the nation for its existence; that they owe loyalty to fellow nationals who are being attacked by foreign hostiles here.
Poetic justice would have all the rulers and their relatives be torn limb from limb by an enraged populace for their treasonous disloyalty, putting the foreign parasites' needs above those to whom they owe loyalty.