Sheila Kuehl: free healthcare for anyone who can make it across the California border

Now comes California state Senator Sheila Kuehl with SB 840, the "California Health Insurance Reliability Act". It would mandate "universal health care" and would cover "dental care, prescriptions, mental health care and hospitalization".

And, it would be open to "undocumented" residents.

No longer would California need to worry about citizens of Mexico crossing illegally and then heading to other states. No, Kuehl's plan would make sure that they would stay right here. In fact, many thousands, tens of thousands, or more! would come just to take advantage of her largess.

Of course, some worry-worts might say that all those illegal aliens would not only drive up the cost of the scheme but would take healthcare from U.S. citizens. And, some people might suggest that the "progressives" in the California legislature are better suited to being Mexican politicians than U.S. politicians. And, others might say that their constant support for illegal immigration and spreading U.S. programs to foreign citizens who are here illegally is one of the major reasons why "progressives" are so widely distrusted and one of the major reasons that they keep getting their proposals shot down.

And, of course, they'd be right.


Re Calif. HB 840 (Univ. Healthcare) I'm a semi-retired American living in Cabo. Here in Mexico - basic healthcare is virtually FREE. Even for Gringos! No one is turned away - even poor Americans knocking on the hospital door.

And Mexico isn't whinning about all the Gringos running up their health care budget or for educating their kids who are living here. Don't even begin to think Mexicans are flocking to the USA for free medical care... Why should they? Its already free or nearly so in Mexico. They go to the USA for jobs and expect that the richest country on the planet can afford to care for its workers.

Fact is - a poor Mexican field worker or hotel worker has better access to a doctor or dentist in Mexico than a middle class American who can't afford American health insurance! $2 to 5 bucks is all it costs for a poor person for a consultation with a doctor at clinics everywhere throughout Mexico.

Mexicans expect health care to be provided by their govt. Its a better use of govt. monies than spending it on wars all over the world don't you think?

Fact is - since I was a child (over 50 years ago) the USA has always been at war somewhere... Not Mexico. Ever wonder why? Without sounding like a socialist - how about priorities? Did we need Vietnam? What good did it do? For anyone? Or all those piss-ant military involements in Latin America and elsewhere?

One of our dental patients here in Cabo recently had his foot nearly torn off by a shark. Was in the local public hospital for four hours in surgery with four docs and a micro surgeon who reattached all the nerves, vessels etc. Bill was under $500usd. (correct number) Another friend went into shock passing a kidney stone - bill for the house call from an endocrinologist was $35usd.

Another American visiting here in Baja told me he had the same kidney stone problem but in San Francisco California. He paid $5,800usd for the ambulance ride, two cat scans and emergency room charges.

The problem isn't the illegals jamming up the American health care system - the problem is the structure of the American health care system. In Mexico, Canada, Britain, Germany etc. there is a dual health care system. A Mexican (or expat Gringo) can pay high prices for private care or get most basic service for pennies on the dollar at a public facility vs. costs in the US.

My Mexican cardiologist here charges $50usd for a consultation. An Ear Specialist charged me $35 including a treatment using an intrascopic device used to remove a fungas. Root Canals & porcelain crowns run $250 - $450usd in Baja vs. $800-2,500usd in the States. Same materials same equipment ordered from the same catalogues as American dentists use.

Sorry, but Americans need a little perspective on their health care problem - Western nations with govt. sponsored health care do just fine with a DUAL system. People can then have options. In the USA - Americans don't have options - pay, go into debt, or be sick or die. Thats the fate of 40 percent of all Americans per the media.

Part of the solution to the American health care crisis begins with govt. paid or subsidized education of medical professionals as in Mexico. So there's lots of doctors per capita. And they're not treated like demi-Gods in Mexico. They don't drive Mercedes and spend a $100,000 for golf club memberships. All the doctors and dentists I know in Los Cabos drive VW's, Chryslers or Fords.

The medical industry in the USA doesn't serve the people the way the police, fire, teachers and other public servants do. The American medical industry in the USA serves itself.

David Mandich
San Jose del Cabo
Baja California Sur

What a nice idea, Sheila! AFter all, I'm so rich I can afford huge health insurance premiums, huge deductibles, and huge co-pays so that poor people can wander in from anywhere and get a free bypass or a heart/lung transplant!