El Salvador president Tony Saca to his citizens: get a green card

Via this comes this:
Salvadoran President Tony Saca visited Miami Friday to warn his citizens not to let their temporary residency status run out as they wait for Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Many migrants from El Salvador received the temporary status after a devastating earthquake struck the Central American country in 2001. The temporary protection allowed those already in the U.S. to work legally. Their status must be renewed annually, and Sept. 1 is the deadline.

But Saca is concerned that with all the discussion about U.S. immigration reform, some Salvadorans living here may become complacent and decide not to renew their status in hopes that Congress will approve a broader change to U.S. immigration law that would put them on the path to permanent residency.

"If they don't register for this program, they will lose their immigration status and will get an order for deportation. Then they won't be able to apply for future programs that might lead to a permanent residency, so it is very important that they renew," said Rene Leon, El Salvador's ambassador to the U.S.


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