A "comprehensive" 1986 amnesty would have prevented pro-grower propaganda

Today's Wacky but Thought-Provoking Immigration Quote of the Day is featured in the article "Immigration bill sticker shock". The quote source is John Young, co-chairman of the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform:

"In my opinion, the fairer question is: How will illegal immigrants impact the costs of healthcare, local education, and social services without passage of comprehensive immigration reform? ...Had we solved this problem in a truly comprehensive way in 1986 ... we would not have the daily news reporting outright shortages of farm labor threatening the very existence of agricultural industries coast to coast".

1. This meme that the problem with the 1986 amnesty was not that it was a massive amnesty but that it wasn't "comprehensive" enough has also been used by such notable cheap labor pimps as Jack Kemp and Sheila Jackson Lee.

2. The "crops rotting in the fields" articles that he refers to are simply propaganda printed by MSM sources highly sympathetic to the needs of cheap labor employers. Even if the 1986 amnesty had been as "comprehensive" as it could be, if it weren't in any way enough the same forces would work their magic to have the same sources print their propaganda. And, farmers have been singing this same song for literally decades; before then, employers of child labor carried the tune.


comprehensive means total open borders no rights, no USA And no Laws.
the political propaganda is really all about the death of human and civil rights and the mass killing of the people of the USA.
THE FACT IS LA RAZA AND MECHA ARE JUST TOOLS BEING USED, "and come on boys", most of the so called Growers are big business people who own land and who live outside the USA many are from china and canada japan and mexico.

Amnesty is one more tool in the total death of this nation, but understand one fact of life, if you will not fight for your rights to live in a free world, you have no right to live and also understand that rights and nation and civilization is made by its people and not laws, the ideals of right and wrong come from the people not from the so called political rat.