Jeanette Rishell on illegal immigration (Manassas, Virginia)

Jeanette Rishell is running for Virginia's House of Delegates from the Manassas area. At her site - if you can make it through the Flash maze - you can read her stock "Democrat who claims to want to fine employers but in fact really wants to encourage more illegal immigration" plank.

However, this site highlights her evolving views on this issue. In October 2005 she wrote the following in "Crossroads", the newsletter of BRUU (Bull Run Unitarian Universalists) available in this PDF file:
Social Justice Committee is making available a pamphlet that addresses immigrant worker issues. Immigrants face greater challenges than do longtime residents of our community. They are newly arrived and vulnerable to exploitation because of the language barrier, because they are on the lower rung of the economic ladder and because for many there is a fear that they will be sent back if their undocumented status is reported.

This pamphlet touches on their struggles and their contributions to our society. It also advocates for a positive and sympathetic approach towards these newcomers. Please stop by the Social Justice table after service and pick up a copy of this pamphlet.
Clearly, her new "tough" stance is just hot air.