The Australian, Catherine Philp support U.S. illegal immigration

A discussion of foreign sources that support illegal immigration is a bit rare around here, but Catherine Philp is a U.S.-based reporter for The Australian, so if you run into her you might want to ask her about the article "Whites drive out Latinos who saved their town". Yes, that's the real headline.

You might ask whether she come up with that headline, and if not whether she supports it. Does she think it's accurate? Does she think it's horribly biased or not?

Or, you might ask where she learned to write a PIIPP:

FRANCIS Rodriguez, a Dominican immigrant, moved from the big city to Hazleton, a small town in northern Pennsylvania, in search of a better life. He found what he was looking for: a home, a job, schools for his children and a friendliness he had never encountered in New York.

Was it from studying the works of the WAPOLATNYT, or do they teach how to write articles like that Down Under?

Or, you might ask her about this:

Legal immigrants feel the city legislation, which some call the Nazi law, is aimed at the whole Latino community. "It's in the open now - people feel it's OK to hate," says Anna Arias, who sits on the Governor's Committee on Hispanic Affairs.

Shouldn't she also have pointed out that those using such terms are extremists who reject assimilation, or that Pennsylvania Democratic governor Ed Rendell is anti-American and doesn't support U.S. laws?

In the past I've speculated that one of the reasons newspapers support illegal immigration is because they're part of the local business community and their peers profit from that illegal activity. I don't know what The Australian's game is however. Perhaps they're just angry about Australianism not catching on.



It's about using a perch in the media to do a smear job.
Sympathy for power-seeking, and hope for a share of power to come, when conflicts have been raised to high enough pitch, is the motivation more than what money is in it only for a few.