More words of advice from Mexican Ambassador Carlos de Icaza

Mexican Ambassador Carlos de Icaza visited his forward outpost in Atlanta and proferred words of wisdom for us all:

"We need to start talking like neighbors, stop the 'blame game' and start looking at this issue constructively... We need both the United States and Mexico to acknowledge that international cooperation is essential in immigration issue. No country can solve this dilemma by itself... The fact that Congress is holding hearings all around the country means there is a great interest in reforming the immigration laws... We sincerely hope while doing this they acknowledge they have a neighbor to the south, that it is a friendly neighbor to the U.S."

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Before any two-way discussions between our countries take place, the U.S. should demand that Mexico present an economic recovery plan to our State Department for approval, one that would result in near-full employment in Mexico. The current immigration crises originated in Mexico, so it is encumbent of Mexico to solve it. Mexico's attempt to share blame is another contemptable attempt to divert attention from its corrupt government.

You mean more words from the drug dealers of mexico city, the fact is many in washington are also drug dealers and hate our nation and our way of life.