DSCC: complaining about illegal immigration isn't racist

A new web-only video ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) tries to "Impugn[ the] GOP Claim That We're Safer".

It includes a shot of an illegal alien climbing over a wall with the caption "millions more illegal immigrants".

While it's certainly good to see the Democrats slightly waking up to the fact that there are indeed untold millions of foreign citizens in this country, somehow I think their opposition to illegal immigration is a bit half-hearted.

Especially considering all the links between the Democratic Party and the government of Mexico and all the attempts by Democrats to encourage illegal immigration.

But, if the Democrats are complaining about illegal immigration, that automatically implies that complaining about illegal immigration in and of itself is not racist. If anyone says different, send them to the video.

UPDATE: In 1996, Bill Clinton ("Bubba") ran a TV commercial called "Signed":

ANNOUNCER: Bob Dole. Desperate and wrong. President Clinton doubled border agents, a thousand more for California. Signed a tough anti-illegal immigration law protecting US workers. And 160 thousand illegal immigrants and criminals deported, a record. Bob Dole voted against reimbursing California for jailing illegal immigrants. Time Magazine says his risky tax scheme could cut 2,000 border agents, cut 4,000 FBI. Bob Dole. Wrong in the past. Wrong for our future.

Unfortunately returning to the present day, we find that overnight the roles have reversed. Not only are some Dems making sounds like the GOP, some Republicans are sounding like Dems:

Pedro Celis, chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, said in a statement Tuesday that the DSCC should remove the ad because it vilifies illegal Hispanic immigrants and is "appalling."

Here's a hint: "immigrants" don't scale fences. As the article points out, there's no indication that climbing the fence are Hispanic, and some might think that Celis is vilifying Hispanics by trying to claim that being an illegal alien implies being Hispanic.

The article goes on to quote Bettina Inclan of the assembly as well as DSCC spokesman Phil Singer as both supporting "comprehensive" immigration "reform". Couldn't at least one party support what's in America's best interests?