Will far-left "environmentalists" block the border fence?

The credulous article "Experts say border fence would hurt bighorn sheep" offers the thoughts of an organization that building the proposed 370-mile fence on the border would prevent bighorns from migrating to Mexico in order to mate.

Unfortunately, the "experts" are from Tucson's "Center for Biological Diversity", a far-left group that calls themselves "Nature's Legal Eagles" and which have been litigating environmental matters for decades. And, they have past ties to Earth First! More on them here and here. A favorable article on them is here. They receive money from the Pew Charitable Trust and no doubt other leftwing foundations.

And, the quotes in the article should have been a huge clue to the reporter (Chuck Mueller) that he should have asked them if they had another agenda.

Daniel Patterson, a CBD desert ecologist: "If the California herds are isolated from herds in Mexico, repopulation and genetic flow in both herds will be affected... [the proposed steel barrier would be] a monumental environmental disaster that will not stem illegal immigration...The only living things the wall won't stop is people. It's a moral low-point for America when the government moves to destroy nature and wall us off from a friendly neighbor."

And: [Michel Finkelstein, CBD executive director called] the barrier "a new Berlin Wall," he said President Reagan admonished Soviet leader Mikal Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall in 1987, but now American legislators have launched a move to build a similar barrier along the Mexican border.

Their agenda is quite clear and appears to have only tangential involvement with protecting migrating sheep.

Expect far-left groups to attempt to block the wall by any means necessary, including telling tall tales and even lawsuits over environmental issues. All the while ignoring the issue of over-population and the massive environmental damage caused by the trash left behind by illegal aliens.

Note that the San Diego fence was given an environmental waiver. I don't want to see migration routes disturbed, but I don't trust groups that have other agendas when they make such claims. Hopefully workarounds such as a waiver won't be necessary, but it will take the assistance of scientists not Lysenkoists.


Thank You John S. Bolton.

Mexico is not known to be a friendly neighbor.
These ecologists are the same 'scientists' who, in every other case of wildlife populations separated by hundreds of miles in their main groupings, make gene flow out to be extermination of precious distinct lineages.
Maybe these ecologists know that Mexicans are not good for the advancement of civilization, in their aggregate, and would hope for reversals of progress sufficient to aggrandize the wildlife.