Immigration piffle from The Nation

The far-left rag's latest issue is all about the "New Nativism". It goes downhill from there. For instance, let's look at just one article entitled "Nightly Nativism" about Lou Dobbs:

Dobbs elaborated in his online column: "It is no accident that they chose May 1 as their day of demonstration and boycott. It is the worldwide day of commemorative demonstrations by various socialist, communist and even anarchic organizations.... No matter which flag demonstrators and protesters carry today, their leadership is showing its true colors to all who will see." ...You might expect that sort of McCarthyesque description from Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh or some other famously right-wing provocateur on Fox or talk-radio. But Lou Dobbs, on CNN? These days, the network once pilloried by conservatives as a leading voice of the "liberal media" is offering an expansive platform to the nation's leading spokesman for anti-immigration hardliners.

Of course, what The Nation doesn't tell its readers is just how accurate Dobbs' description is. The marches were organized by ANSWER, for gosh's sake, and many of the organizers of those and other marches have links to socialist and communist groups and several even have links to the Mexican government. Don't expect to read about that in The Nation.

UPDATE: Dobbs replies:

...Tonight, a few words for an otherwise irrelevant publication called "The Nation," which accuses me in a mistake-riddled left-wing screed (ph) of being hysterical, jingoistic and an immigration restrictionist, even though I'm on record in favor of immigration, legal immigration, but that's not a distinction important to "The Nation" of course. Even by "The Nation's" sorry standards the article is pitiful. But "The Nation's" introductory editorial, entitled "The New Nativism" is worthy of note...

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"Look Dobbs is a great guy", and I think he means what he is saying, but the fact is we as a people will never stand up to this evil and our so called government is owned by others who want us dead as a people and as a nation, and many in washington also want us dead. AND YES May day is a message being sent to all of us and one evil message at that. Long live the ideals of freedom and may its enemies go to hell soon.

its really up to each one of you to act as a free people, what will you do to stop the real enemy? and understand massive illegals are a weapon be used to kill you in the end game of evil doers.