Phyllis Schlafly testimony on illegal immigration

On July 18 she testified before the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims. Her testimony is in this PDF file, and it's a very good overview of the subject. (Via this)


the security of the so called USA Is a total joke

Pretty much.

Schafly has been more or less effectively marginalized largely for her views on a single issue. But like others in the same boat, she often has something worth hearing to say.

oh yes! "you do know about 3 of bin laden's boys said to be egyptian students running around the so called country don't you"?
the so called FBI Will let NO INFORMATION OUT ABOUT THE 3, Ask what is going on here with the so called FBI? And why are the boys in the FBI Looking for the 3? see people we have no real security only the ideals of one world to keep you in line.

Look guys you really don't have to read what she is saying, and the security of the so called USA Is a total joke, the fact is we have no laws no right and no wrong and this is not a nation like mexico! "we have no borders", we have only a government that is being ran by others who want this nation and its people dead,dead,dead.

the real subject at hand is how long before you are put out of your own home and how long before you see that fact in front of your faces? listen to your own heart and see with eyes and your own brain.