Does Eliot Spitzer support U.S. laws?

As the New York Attorney General - and Democratic candidate for NY governor - you'd hope so. However, there are some laws he doesn't support, as revealed in a 7/25/06 debate:
...The candidates were asked whether they would enforce the federal law that went into effect July 1, mandating that states require proof of citizenship from Medicaid applicants.

Spitzer responded: "I would not enforce that provision . . . I do not believe that it is the role of the state to be transformed into one big I.N.S. agent."

Spitzer added that he'd be prepared to issue an executive order similar to one in New York City, where municipal employees are forbidden to ask about an individual's immigration status...


chris if its money and corruption its will be part of the ideals of all political people, ask what and who are behind all of this evil acts.

John S. Bolton is right.

I actually had a lot of respect for Spitzer. I hope this turns out to not be representative of his views on illegal entry into the country.

Spitzer is evidently not for America first, and his constituents don't seem to mind being represented by a foreign agent, in effect.
Officials owe loyalty to the net taxpayer as against the foreigners, attacking them here, by use of net public subsidy.
Spitzer essentially renounces his US citizenship by taking the side of the foreign aggressor here.