The "migration meltdown in Britain"

From this:

A massive rise in immigration next year could trigger a devastating crisis in Britain's schools, housing and welfare services, according to a secret Government report leaked to The Mail on Sunday.

The document reveals that every Government department has been ordered to draw up multi-million-pound emergency plans after being told public services face catastrophe as a result of the hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans pouring into Britain...

...The leaked document, written by Home Office Minister Joan Ryan, is entitled Migration From Eastern Europe: Impact On Public Services And Community Cohesion...

The London Times article on the leaked report is here. Some of the comments on the Daily Mail report show that England has a Bloomberg-style problem:

They cannot claim benefits.They do not take council flats or houses from British people because they are simply not entitled to them.If it wasn't for the Polish or Bulgarian maids,porters or receptionists,our hotels wouldn't function.The same goes for public transport or agriculture.

On a related note, Britain's "Serious Organised Crime Agency" says it can cost as little as 150 Pounds to be smuggled from France to England. Someone from the "Immigration Advisory Service" (an NGO and probably far-left) disagrees, saying it's in the high hundreds or more. This article is based on the same report, and highlights the even less reputable activities of smugglers.


yes england is not a place to live, its been going down hill for over 50 years, its a place of total political bull shit, rights and human rights are disappearing and for a good reason, crime is out-off-hand, things that would have never happen 50 years ago are normal place in that little island nation, and it is happening here. rapes up 2000 percent murder up 1000 percent. sad to say within 20 years it will look and feel just like any mideast state, and that is not good for the world, after all england has nukes!