Senate immigration "reform" worse than 1986 amnesty

From this:
The latest immigration bill approved by the Senate is "far, far worse" than the 1986 immigration bill that granted amnesty to 2.7 million illegal aliens and created the magnet for the millions more who have come here since, a House panel was told at a hearing yesterday.

In addition to providing legalization to about four times as many illegal aliens as did the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), witnesses said, the current bill also repeats mistakes made 20 years ago that will render the border-enforcement provisions and employer sanctions meaningless.

"The Senate amnesty would condemn the United States to the same harmful consequences that IRCA caused," James R. Edwards Jr. of the Hudson Institute told the House Judiciary's subcommittee that handles immigration. "Only now, its effects would be far, far worse."

...Rep. John Hostettler, the Indiana Republican who is chairman of the subcommittee on immigration, border security and claims, said the problem with the 1986 legislation was that it allowed legalization before measures were put in place to enforce immigration restrictions and punish those who violated immigration laws.

"Time showed us that IRCA has utterly and completely failed," he said. "Illegal immigration has not been controlled, but has increased significantly in the past two decades."

..."Congress and the administration have no credibility with the American people," [Rep. John Hostettler] said.

"Why should Americans have any reason to believe that the supposed enhanced enforcement provisions in Reid-Kennedy will be effectively enforced by the administration any more than successive administrations have enforced IRCA?" Mr. Hostettler asked. "The administration will probably implement amnesty for millions of illegal aliens quite quickly. Enforcement will likely lag behind if it occurs at all. We will find ourselves in exactly the same place we found ourselves 20 years ago."
The article also contains the thoughts of Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Neptune):
"S.2611 does not have any provisions that would forget or overlook immigration law violations."
Of course it does. In fact, it forgives two years of taxes, something not available to U.S. citizens. And, it only costs $2000 to become a citizen, far less than what most legal immigrants have paid. And, of course, all of its loopholes would be almost instantly shared among millions of prospective illegal immigrants, and all or most would perceive it as an amnesty and expect more of the same.

And, of course, it completely forgives - i.e., provides blanket amnesty for - all those employers who've been profiting off illegal labor all these years.

And, Sheila Jackson-Lee's thoughts represent mainstream Democratic Party leadership opinion.


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