Is Hispandering a political failure?

Pandering to the (mythical) "Hispanic vote" by pledging to allow one race to call the shots on our immigration policies is definitely anti-American. But, since that means little to the leaders of the GOP and the Democratic Party, perhaps the sign that it appears to be a political failure as well will perk up their corrupt little ears.

With all necessary disclaimers in place:
...In a recent national telephone survey of 2,000 Hispanic adults in the United States, the Pew Hispanic Center found that party affiliation of Latino registered voters has not changed significantly since 2004. Slightly more than 40 percent called themselves Democrats; slightly more than 20 percent Republicans.

The survey's conclusion about Latino attitudes toward Republicans is based on erosion of support for the party's position on immigration.

The poll found that the portion of Latinos who believe the Republican Party has the best position on immigration dropped to 16 percent from 25 percent two years ago.

Virtually the entire decline of Hispanic support for the Republican approach comes from foreign-born Latinos, a growing pool of future voters, the poll showed.

But Gabriel Escobar, an author of the survey, said the results do not necessarily bode well for Democrats either.

The Democratic Party showed no significant gains among Latino registered voters and by some measures lost support from 2004 to 2006...
No matter how Bush and Rove pander, new Hispanic immigrants aren't sold. And, by pandering they're increasing the number of those who aren't buying what Bush and Rove are selling.

Meanwhile, no matter how Dean, Reid, and the rest pander, either it isn't enough, or those patriotic Hispanics are able to see through them.


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