Why does the Washington Post support illegal immigration?

The WaPo reports on the difficult journey of a Guatemalan who wants to enter the U.S. illegally ("Meeting Danger Well South of the Border" by N.C. Aizenman). Since the Washington Post has endorsed illegal immigration, isn't their article a bit in bad taste? Shouldn't they try to keep under wraps the nitty gritty details of what they in effect support? Or, do they hope that enough of their readers are over-emotional and under-rational enough to be unable to figure things out?

UPDATE: Sully links but offers little opining. In the past he's supported illegal immigration.


the washington post is told to support mexico and its people and its told to support the third world attack on this non nation, its the enemy guy! as bush and most of congress are told to do evil to you!by the way do you know what john murtha is up to now? for mexico city?