Los Angeles Times on Aztlan; LAT now 10% more American

The Los Angeles Times' David Kelly offers the slightly balanced report "Vision That Inspires Some and Scares Others: Aztlan". This is actually a step up for the Times: instead of simply apologizing militant Chicano attempts to reclaim "their" land away, they offer a somewhat more balanced view. Of course, it's not a view completely on the American side, but such baby steps should be encouraged.

It also contains this:
In David Horowitz's book "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America," [Armando] Navarro gets his own chapter. Horowitz writes that he "advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government by Latinos and reclamation of the southwestern United States by Mexico."

Navarro, in his office surrounded by photos of himself with Fidel Castro and former Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega, shakes his head.

"I never said that," he said.
Well, on this page you can hear this quote:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, what this means is a transfer of power, it means control, and it is the young people, the people who are now moving to develop an agenda for the twenty first century they are going to be in a position to really make the promise of what the Chicano movement was all about in terms of self-determination, in terms of empowerment, even in the terms of an Aztlan...."
Whether that counts is left for the reader to decide. Returning to the LAT article:
Still, [Navarro] tries to allay fears of a resurgent Aztlan.

"There is no reconquista conspiracy. I have no CIA โ€” no Chicano Intelligence Agency. There is no evidence to suggest there is some secret plan," he said. "We are returning as a people to a place that was once ours. Does that mean I have dual loyalty? I was an officer in the U.S. Army for eight years. This is all a fabrication of fear mongers."

He paused for a moment.

"We are only doing what any good Jew would do for Israel."
Say, did you know that Navarro has links to Democratic politicians like U.S. Rep. Joe Baca Sr? Why, there are even videos.


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