Mayor Mike Bloomberg's "Immigrant Muddle"

From the NY Post:
Mayor Bloomberg stood before a U.S. Senate panel studying immigration Wednesday and unloaded testimony larded with contradictions and, to be kind, half-truths.

But he did it with passion, so nobody seemed to notice - or care - that he pulled his "facts" from thin air...

...The fact is that the city's financial-services and tourism sectors are the engines that drive New York City's economy - and neither is dependent on illegal-immigrant labor.

And Bloomberg knows it...

... And he poked fun at the federal law that says "employers are not even permitted to ask probing questions" about immigration status.

But wait.

By executive order, the mayor himself prohibits city employees from asking such questions of suspected illegals.

Indeed, Bloomberg's directive actually goes further. It instructs city agencies to "encourage aliens to make use" of municipal services - among them welfare, health care and public-school placement...


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