What Chris Cannon's win really shows


Bilbray ran on a platform of opposition lto illegal immigration. Meanwhile, Cannon ... also ran on a plaform of opposition to illegal immigration... I would guess that voters who responded to [a pro-enforcement] TV message [from Cannon] were not sending rousing message of support for the Bush/Kennedy/McCain "path to citizenship" approach... Cannon's victory is even harder to interpret as a rejection of the Sensenbrenner enforcement-only approach because Cannon's campaign featured a ringing endorsement from one James Sensenbrenner...

The Cannon win shows that lying about your record and what you really support is a winning position for the GOP.


It takes a lot to unseat an incumbent in a primary.

the fact is that is telling me that laws mean nothing and this is a dead nation.
but you can make it live once more with the real ideals of our forfathers called guns and ropes and trees for the evil doers. ask what would thr guys have done in 1781 with rats like that?

mexico is nothing but a trojan horse to take us all down and kill us.