Cannon win gives anti-American forces hope

WASHINGTON - With President Bush's immigration policy surviving fierce criticism in a Utah congressional race, lawmakers on both sides of the debate turned their attention Wednesday to finding a compromise on immigration legislation.

Those who oppose Bush's call for immigration reform — which includes a guest worker program and legalization opportunities for millions of illegal immigrants along with tougher border security — saw five-term Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, survive a tough primary challenge after allying with Bush on the issue.

Cannon defeated businessman John Jacob 56 percent to 44 percent on Tuesday after Jacob, an opponent of Bush's immigration plan, tried to make the race a referendum on the issue. Most House Republicans want a bill that calls only for tougher enforcement of immigration laws.

Cannon's victory was celebrated by Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., who discussed with Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday his plan to tighten borders first and then leave room for consideration for other immigration programs...
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One more thing, I have a word for the 56% that re-elected Cannon: "Utahrds" (pronounced like "retards"). So much inbreeding, the DNA gets a little out of whack after a few generations.

Mark, Cannon took a costly beating for an incumbent versus a first-timer. You should be more appalled that a Mormon encourages unlawful behavior, which is very immoral.

I can hear the swan song for the open-borders treason lobby when I see Cannon take such a bloody beating. I can't wait to see his DemoRat challenger in the election give him a fat lip and black eye for his treasonous behavior. It's all about lies, doublespeak and patronage to special interests. You should be ashamed to have such a candidate who's views are so obscured that the people voted him in, because 80% of the people are opposed to what he believes as a water boy for Bush. Cannon is not honest with his constituency. Drier almost lost his seat because of the same treasonous behavior. Cannon will chnage his tune eventually (like Drier), and open-borders zealots such as yourself will be eventually marginalized into the fringes of irrelevance, where you belong.

Yeah, 56 percent of the people of Utah are anti-American and hate America. Yeah, that makes sooo much sense. It cannot be because they support the sensible and rational policies of Chris Cannon. No, its because they hate America and are anti-American. Thank you so much for your informative and enlightening posts.

charles once more we have no real Americans only people who hate the USA, 90 percent can care less about millions and millions of rats coming to this country to help in its death, bush is just one more tool that will help in the mass murder of all of our rights, hey guys get in line for the Reeducation camp system and some will be death camps. and be good little people you may live under some third world monkey foot.

This is an urgent call to all Americans. We are on the brink of a CIVIL WAR. The main stream media has been suppressed. Please go to and watch the "Paul Revere's Ride" speech video. Also, watch the "Atzlan" video. Please tell every American citizen you know so that they are prepared with food, water, arms, etc. God bless us and God bless the UsA!!!