"Illegal Workers Could Receive Billions When Bush Signs Social Security Agreement with Mexico"

From their press release:
TREA Senior Citizens League filed two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits in U.S. District Court this morning after numerous refusals over three years by the U.S. Department of State and Social Security Administration to provide a draft of, or virtually any pertinent information regarding, the impact of the Totalization Agreement with Mexico on the U.S. Social Security Trust Fund.

The Totalization Agreement could allow millions of illegal Mexican workers to draw billions of dollars from the U.S. Social Security Trust Fund. The agreement between the U.S. and Mexico was signed in June 2004, and is awaiting President Bush's signature. Many critics believe he intends to sign it shortly after the 2006 midterm elections.

Once President Bush approves the agreement, which would be done without congressional vote, either house would have 60 days to disapprove the agreement by voting to reject it.

Under the Totalization Agreement, millions of illegal Mexicans working in the United States today could claim benefits from the Social Security Trust Fund for work performed while in the United States illegally. They could do so through immigration amnesty, through which they could claim past Social Security payments for illegal work. They could also potentially return to Mexico and claim credits for illegal work in the United States...


come off it hispanic you guys are patriotic for mexico and bin laden! stop with the bull, you and mexico city and red china and its killers and ideals are understood by all who want to see! by the way if this was a hispanic state i could never say anything about any idea, after were are your leaders ideals on freedom? no place were are your ideals on civil and human rights? no place its only words and money that your people understand, kind of like the government of the new ideals in mexwashington!

From a hispanic who was born in the United States, and who's parents are from Latin America, I can tell you that we have never once received any type of handout from this country. My parents came here with nothing, except for hope for a better life, and equality with citizens of the United States. We work 6-7 days a week, 2-3 jobs sometimes to make ends meet. The fact is, if you really sit down and spark up a conversation with any hispanic in this country, I can guarantee you, that we may be the most patriotic community in the U.S.
Am I for a better National Defense system, especially when dealing with immigration? Of course. Do I or any other hispanic that I have ever encountered love bin laden? Hell no! What type of ignorance and unintelligent comment is that?
The only reason this topic is being brought up right now, is because Latinos are moving into suburbia/White America. Unfortunately, this shows how much work we still have when dealing with racism in this country.

I could go on a lot more but I don't want to bore anymore readers. Thank you.

eh is dead on, from one hispanic hand to the other hispanic hand until the hand-out-disappears for good.

the fact is when hispanic's( most love bin laden ) really start paying money into the system ( READ TOTAL CORRUPTION ) the big hispanics boss's for mexico city will kill SS At once and most whites will be looking at a DEATH camp system.

claim benefits from the Social Security Trust Fund

Exactly, 'what trust fund'? But the talk around SS is normally absolutely loony, so this fits right in.

Of course the real problem here is that 'claiming benefits from the trust fund' means (at least in part) funneling general tax revenue into the pockets of (former) illegals, who (together with their employers) were breaking the law. In addition, most illegals use either 1) a so-called taxpayer ID number, or 2) a phony SSN, so the whole idea is ready for massive fraud.

But we wouldn't have to worry about any of that if we didn't have SS, which ought to be legislated down until it can be jettisoned entirely.

Anyway, the way things are going, more legal Hispanics will be paying the SS and general tax that will be going to the illegals.

Why would you blame this on the liberals? This is Bush's baby, all the way. He just can't give our country away fast enough, can he.

I'll drop the President a note and ask 'what trust fund'? He's already showed everyone the empty safe and billions of dollars in IOU's. I support him in most things but this is stupid. Have the liberals fed him some of their koolaide?

GUY'S This has always been the plan, its in the open now and the fact is if people do not act as one people this nation and all its good ideals are dead. but face fact's NO One will do a thing but talk about how we can all just get along, its all about the death of this country and its always has been about that.

didn't i tell you years ago the deal has been made for your life. welcome to the new third world hell.