Wimpy Bill Frist supports immigration "reform"

Bill Frist:

The immigration bill I voted for in the Senate started the United States down the road to a much better immigration system. But it's not finished.

He goes on to explain that he mostly supports the Senate's sell-out/massive illegal alien amnesty, but it just needs to be fine-tuned a bit.


This is an urgent call to all Americans. We are on the brink of a CIVIL WAR. The mainstream media has been suppressed. Please go to www.immigrationwatchdog.com and watch the "Paul Revere's Ride" speech video. Also, watch the "Atzlan" video. Please tell every American you know so that they can be prepared with food, water, arms, etc. God bless us and God bless the USA!!!!

Its almost correct. There needs to be an immigration bill by compromising and throwing out amnesty.
The country can not have a broken system like it is now. It would be a disaster if no bill passes and life continues as usual.

After the elections are over no one will care about the issue anymore.