"'H-1B Only' Job Ad Posters Accused of Discrimination"

From this, via this:
The Programmers Guild, an IT worker interest group, has filed 300 discrimination complaints so far this year against companies alleged to have posted "H-1B visa holders only" ads on job boards.

"Abuse of the H-1B program has become so widespread that companies apparently feel free to engage openly in the practice. And we are only reviewing ads for computer programmers," Programmers Guild founder John Miano said in a statement June 19.

The actions have been filed with the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Special Council for Immigration-Related discrimination, contending that specific employers have created "Americans need not apply" job postings on both Monster.com and Dice.com...


Yes, Americans need not apply any place in this so called country real soon, The fact is that is what its all about, jobs and homes and that is what the political race pigs want from you your jobs and in the end game your life. but if people will not stand up and say no to this kind of evil you will get what you have coming from the third world's people, in other words death.