Ninety former DHS officials cashing in

From "Former Antiterror Officials Find Industry Pays Better" (link):
At least 90 officials at the Department of Homeland Security or the White House Office of Homeland Security - including the department's former secretary, Tom Ridge; the former deputy secretary, Adm. James M. Loy; and the former under secretary, Asa Hutchinson - are executives, consultants or lobbyists for companies that collectively do billions of dollars' worth of domestic security business...

...Mr. Hutchinson began his negotiations to enter private industry months before he resigned. On March 2, 2005, the day after he officially left the department, he began work at Venable LLP, a Washington law and lobbying firm that represents major domestic security contractors like Lockheed Martin...

...Mr. Hutchinson was soon representing clients including Intelligenxia, a data-mining software company seeking domestic security business; ImmuneRegen BioSciences, a pharmaceutical company that sells anti-radiation drugs; and Global Computer Enterprises, which wants to expand its computer software and systems sales to the department...

...[questionable practices deleted...] ...Mr. Hutchinson said the presence of his business partners at these meetings was not meant to circumvent the lobbying ban. "When I am not at a meeting," he said, "I am not at the meeting..."
10/24/13 UPDATE: More from the article:
Mr. Ridge, the former secretary, stands to profit handsomely now that Savi Technology, a maker of radio frequency identification equipment that the department pushed while he was secretary, is being bought by Lockheed Martin. He was appointed to the Savi board three months after resigning from the department and has been compensated with an undisclosed number of stock options that Lockheed will presumably need to buy back. In the coming weeks, Mr. Ridge says he plans to open his own domestic security and crisis management consulting firm.


If you can buy a government why not one guy? the system is the real enemies of freedom.
by the way this is the same guy who helped Red China with mass information on all our weapon systems, bill got the money and hillary and bush are best friends now. remember if you can buy the headboy why not?