Useful Idiot Watch: WPLG and anti-illegal immigration billboard vandals

In Miami, a billboard that used to read "Stop the Invasion. Secure our Borders" has been changed to read "Secure our Hoods. Stop the Invasion of Yuppies. Stop Gentrification."

In an article that almost supports the vandalism, WPLG reveals the various thoughts of those who conducted the "public art action":

"While we would hope that our work would be celebrated as public art, we know that the police and city officials prioritize the rights of property owners and developers over its community members. Free Speech is limited to those who can pay for it. Public art is criminalized when not in line with their agenda..."


It is not coincidental that it is low income people of color who are those displaced from their neighborhoods because they can no longer afford to live in these now 'up and coming' areas ... This gentrification is eating away at what makes Miami a beautiful, vibrant and culturally diverse place to live."

However, WPLG appears to have edited out their more disturbing and idiotic comments. From, the bolded sentences are what WPLG left out of the last paragraph:

"It is not coincidental that it is low income people of color who are those displaced from their neighborhoods because they can no longer afford to live in these now 'up and coming' areas. We cannot stand back and 'behave' while this ethnic cleansing is taking place. People are being forced out of neighborhoods that their families have been established in for generations, and something must be done. This gentrification is eating away at what makes Miami a beautiful, vibrant and culturally diverse place to live."

Here's another quote:

Participants in the group that modified the billboard felt that the anti-immigrant billboard was motivated by racism. One person explained: "As immigrants, many of us end up here because of US interventionist and racist foreign policies, this same racism towards our communities in the US will not be tolerated nor will attacks of white-supremacist groups."

In Los Angeles "gentrification" is code for "white people moving in to 'our' neighborhood" and "yuppie" is generally a code word for "white person". In Miami I'm pretty sure the definition is the same. Rather than supporting "yuppies" moving into "their" neighborhoods, they support what is in effect race-based rights to live in a certain place. And, by supporting massive legal or illegal immigration, they in effect support those who profit from such immigration.


The dominant ideology of the (former?) West, what the above idiots have internalized:
Political Correctness

As a low life worker inside the nut house once called the USA, MAY I add that the only nation's that can be called real civilization and real laws have been white, let us look at mexico and china and other places, where is the law on human and civil rights in mexico? where are the laws in Red China about human rights? the law in both places are made and used by some rich drug dealer and the ideals of law is some rich pig who would rape you and kill you!
We as a nation are just that A nation of no laws and will be ruled by some monkey from mexico or red china soon real soon, we OUR! Now Ruled by the few who hate our freedoms but can't kill us off right now by wait until that time comes and god help you all, "and all of you will get in line for the camp system" and in the end you will sell your own blood into mass murder.
death to the monkeys! because the monkey population is being used to kill you and most of you can't see that fact.
plan one go to washington, plan two take washington back, end of plan! you need 100,000 guys willing to do the right thing, and you don't have one! so get in line for the camps system and be happy in knowing you made a nice monkey house for the third world's people to play in.
can i ask what was the point in all the wars over 150 years were millions of white guy died to keep this a land of laws and freedoms when you hand it over to the enemies of freedom?

"mindbogglingly patronizing"

Not to mention "mindbogglingly" false.

I love the inference that "yuppies"--okay, okay, "white" people--have zero sense of life, fun, "vibrancy" or anything else that makes for a happy community. Hey idiots--I'm white, and I ain't a rich yuppie--I've been on unemployment, too--can I join your club? No? I'm doomed, aren't I?

How disgustingly stupid. In fact, that attitude of poor+people of color=honest/vibrant/real/lovable is actually mindbogglingly patronizing, reducing ANY class or ethnic makeup of people to these stereotypes.

Just more evidence that the immigration bureaucracy is incapable of handling amnesty,new "guest"worker programs or increased legal immigration:
Immigration Penetrated, Corrupt
The U.S. immigration system is so broken that it can't be fixed, a former top security official at the Department of Homeland Security's Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) told NewsMax in an exclusive interview.

"Internal corruption at CIS is so pervasive that hostile foreign governments have penetrated the agency," said Michael J. Maxwell, who was forced to resign as chief of the CIS Office of Security and Investigation earlier this year.

"Terrorists and organized crime are gaming the immigration system with impunity. Taken together, these three elements form the perfect storm," Maxwell said.

To all Americans (legal ones that is)
Please go to and get educated about what is really going on with our government. This site is scary but very informative. I've spent hours on this site.

That's funny, when I complain about blacks with 4 kids, no job, and no father moving in to a free house across the street from me, that's racism. But if whites move into a neighborhood and improve it, THAT'S racism! I guess whatever whites do, it is racism.

guys you do know that the third world's people are being used as tools by the Red Chinese drug dealers right? most of what is happening is for red china and most of our fools inside are so called government are also being used. thank you LSmith.

Anyone happen to know lonewacko's email address, or if there's a contact form on this site?

Not to mention that it self-contradictory and double-standard poisoned, to complain of racism, while claiming a privilege of racially exclusive districts, to be enforced by aggression.
This shows how hopelessly equivocated the term racism has become, that it can be redefined to mean excluding whites from residential districts on a racial basis.

"many of us end up here because of US interventionist and racist foreign policies,"

I see. What gun was put to your head to come to this racist, evil country (that millions enter, millions more want to enter, and hundreds die to enter every year?)

Hmm, did these hip new Robin Hoods (who most likely are wearing Che t-shirts) of Miami consider that perhaps massive, uncontrolled illegal immigration - or even the massive numbers of legal immigration - has anything to do with the housing crunch? Like those who profit from illegal aliens, like their cheap labor, maybe wealthy South American or European overstays settling in their new, albeit illicit, digs, or newly minted H1B's entering for the lower wage technical jobs by the thousands in need to housing? or even that this is a natural byproduct of aging, crime-infested, overcrowded "immigrant" enclaves, rampant with abandoned houses?

If the hip little anarchists want free, government-sponsored housing for all, with no capitalist, evil property rights or free enterprise, there is a little island about 90 miles south of Miami that provides just that; and we see how well ideals like that have worked out.