WaPo ignores illegal immigration role in ER crisis

The WaPo offers "Crisis Seen in Nation's ER Care", but despite having three pages in which to do so, fails to mention illegal immigration as one of the major contributing factors to the crisis.

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This is, of course, one of the reasons that health care is so expensive in the US. The illegal immigrants who use the ER's do not pay for services and the costs get passed on to those who have insurance and to US citizens who are uninsured. Insurance rates go up and companies discover that they can no longer afford to offer decent insurance to their employees. Uninsured US employees get hit with exceptionally high bills since they can't negotiate with hospitals the way insurance companies can, so they declare bankruptcy. And the beat goes on.

Go to www.immigrationwatchdog.com
Watch the Aztlan video and then America you will wake up and see that we are in trouble.

yes all political and race immigration and corruption of the system will lead to the death of the USA, That is what the one world guys want above all other things.
your future!..tyrant and the ideals of the autocrat order is here and now just waiting to eat you alive!
the crisis in "our", ER'S Is only one of many that are coming soon and you will be living inside a mexican idea of civilization or i should say, A Idea of mass rape and murder for the mexican/american/ one world oligarchies with some little red chinses rat making some money on the side! in other words a joke of real civilization just like in all third world hell's.